Invisible Protection From Stains With The Faber Natural Look Protector

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Invisible Protection From Stains With The Faber Natural Look Protector

Invisible Protection From Stains With The Faber Natural Look Protector

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Stains are a reality that home and business owners have to contend with. Whether it is accidental spills of wine or beverages, messes made on the kitchen countertops, or the cosmetics that drip on bathroom surfaces – they can ruin the aesthetic appeal of the affected surfaces. Things get particularly troublesome with liquids that take too long to evaporate, and those with colour. The simple action of resting a strawberry container and leaving it on the countertop will cause a red stain, since though the water evaporates, a red spot will remain. Absorbent surfaces, especially for the natural stone installations, readily soak up the liquids, causing stains to set through the different layers of the material. Oil stains are also problematic, with the dark patches that they leave on the affected installations – from cooking oil on kitchen surfaces to engine oil on the garage floor. What steps have you put in place to prevent the liquids from seeping into the structure, and the resultant stains from forming on your elegant surfaces? Turn to the Faber Natural Look Protector, as a proactive treatment that comes in to make surface maintenance easier. 

Stain-proof Absorbent Materials

The Faber Natural Look Protector is an impregnating agent that delivers superior stain-proofing attributes to the surface being treated. This solvent-based agent comes with water and oil-resistant properties, enabling it ward off the effects of the contents that wind up on the surface. Whether it is beverage spills like that coffee mug that got accidentally knocked over at the breakfast table, the tea that was spilled during book club meetings, the milk and yoghurt messes that kids keep constantly making, wine that sloshes over the glass during the steamy date nights, all through to cooking oil that splatters on kitchen surfaces, ink blots and the like – acting as a barrier between these elements and the treated surface is key, where it stops them from being locked into the pores of the absorbent surfaces. By blocking staining agents from penetrating into the surface and setting into the material, you will be in a position to easily clear the contents from the affected surface before stubborn stains are formed. These spills can be simply wiped off the surface using day-to-day tools like a damp cloth. 

Dirt resistance also features in the functionality of this product. Here, it limits the installation’s ability to trap dirt and grime, by preventing it from penetrating into the pores of the treated surface and getting attached to the material. This further lessens the workload involved during the routine cleaning operations that will be carried out. Speaking of which, surfaces that have been treated with Faber Natural Look Protector can be cleaned with solutions from the same brand, such as the popular Neutral Cleaner or Floor Cleaner. The emphasis is on getting a cleaning agent that is compatible with the particular type of surface being worked on, delivering the desired action to break down the dirt and grime, without putting the material at risk. 

With the Faber Natural Look Protector, you get to stain proof your surfaces without changing their original appearance. This is an invisible treatment that allows the colour and tone of the surface to continue showcasing its elegance and charm that made you fall in love with it in the first place. As it acts within the structure of the absorbent materials, it won’t affect the breathability of the surface. In addition, while the formulation is a solvent-based product, it won’t yellow over time as is the case for conventional solvent-based finishes. This contributes to preserving the beauty of the treated surfaces.


How To Use The Faber Natural Look Protector

The area being worked on needs to first be cleaned. Getting rid of the dirt and dust is vital as they can end up getting trapped under the wet layers being applied, which would ruin the quality of the results. After the cleaning, allow the surface to dry completely before you proceed. 

For the equipment, you can work with a roller, cloth, lambswool applicator or spray the product onto the target area. It’s also recommended that you first test out the product on a small, concealed area to ascertain its compatibility with the particular type of surface being worked on. 

Use these steps to treat your surface with the Faber Natural Look Protector:

  1. Apply the first layer of product on the surface. This should be a thick and even layer, covering the entire area.
  2. 10 minutes after spreading the layer, check for sections where there could be product build-up, and redistribute to even out the treatment. 
  3. Allow to dry. This takes just 1 hour. During this period, gradually check for sections with excess product and continue redistributing it for uniformity. 

1 layer is usually enough for most surfaces. However, for the more absorbent materials, a second layer may need to be applied. This is done after the 1-hour drying time has elapsed. After you’re through with the application process, use white spirit to clean the equipment. 

The Faber Natural Look Protector can also be used as a pre-grouting treatment. Grouting and washing operations typically involve lots of water. When this is being done on absorbent surfaces, the risks of water damage increase exponentially. Treating such installations with this formulation will limit the amount of water that gets absorbed, without interfering with the success of the grouting operations. It even prevents the grout from forming stains on the surface of the material, making the subsequent washing operations easier. 

Extra Tips To Get More From The Faber Natural Look Protector

  • Adhesives used for recently laid tiles should be allowed to dry and cure before using the product on the material. The same applies for grout. 
  • The stain-proofing formulations can be applied after treating the surface with a water-based primer. However, ensure that the primer has been allowed to first fully cure. 
  • Granted, this is a fast-drying formulation. However, don’t be quick to allow normal foot traffic back onto the treated area. Give it 4-6 hours before letting people walk on floors treated with the product.

Invisible Protection From Stains With The Faber Natural Look Protector


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