Faber Tile Cleaner 1L Review

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Faber Tile Cleaner 1L Review

Faber Tile Cleaner 1L Review

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Getting rid of stubborn dirt and residue from your stone or ceramic surfaces requires the use of tough, but gentle products. On one hand, you want a formulation that can effectively dissolve the grime, while on the other hand still being safe for the material being worked on. After all, you don’t want to corrode the surface or weaken its protection in the process of getting rid of the dirt and grime. Here, the pH of the product is key, as well as the particular kinds of surfaces that it has been developed for. What about the brand? The surface care industry is awash with loads of products and competing brands. Here, the track record of the company providing the solutions is vital, especially with regards to how much trust the market has in its products. The Faber Tile Cleaner comes in as a leading solution for delivering a thorough wash to surfaces. Here is a breakdown of what it does for you:

Benefits Of The Faber Tile Cleaner 1L 

  • A deep clean, every time

Here you have a slightly acidic detergent that delivers tough cleaning action to those stubborn dirt spots and residues that are on the surface. The Faber Tile Cleaner breaks down the dirt with ease, and is even effective in getting rid of that old residue that has been building up for ages on the floors and other surfaces in the process. You can even use the detergent to clear cement or epoxy-based grout residues that could have been left behind after installation or renovation jobs in the premises. It gets rid of them and restores the original appearance of the material, enhancing the ambience of the premises. The Faber Tile Cleaner is also effective against surface patinas, such as those that are formed when incorrect cleaning methods are used. 

  • Gentle action 

You want to get rid of the grime without putting the structural integrity of the installation being worked on at risk, and the gentle nature of the Faber Tile Cleaner 1L makes that possible. The formulation is suitable for use on materials that aren’t acid sensitive – such as granite, slate, porcelain stoneware, clinker and terracotta – whether they are indoor or outdoor surfaces. It is safe for grout widths as well. The detergent comes ready to use, slashing down the time taken for the surface care processes in the premises. 

  • Reliable brand

Faber itself has been around since 1986. Thriving for decades in such a competitive industry requires the company to maintain strict quality control standards, while delivering products that meet diverse client needs. The brand has made a solid reputation for itself, with a wide range of formulations being provided for use on natural stone installations, as well as manmade materials like ceramics. Products from the brand are used at a professional level, such as by stone installers and cleaning contractors, to DIY applications, for everyday care and maintenance at home.

Formulations range from abrasives and polishes which enhance the beauty of the treated surface, protective products that shield the installation from the effects of soiling, rising moisture, and oily residue, stain removers that focus on getting rid of those oil- and water-based stains, waxes that increase the resistance of the surface against everyday wear and tear, mastic and epoxy systems that come in whenever there needs to be repairs done, all through to diverse cleaners that are used for the different kinds of surfaces, such as is the case for the Faber Tile Cleaner here. 

How To Use The Faber Tile Cleaner 1L

Before you apply the formulation onto the surface, first clear away the dust and debris. Getting rid of the particulate matter that can be swept or vacuumed off will prevent it from forming muddy residue during the cleaning that is to follow, since this would only lead to more work being involved. 

  • Ensure that the surface being worked on is dry
  • As temperatures affect the effectiveness of the product, it should not be used on overly heated surfaces. Instead, you should ensure that the areas being worked on have a temperature that ranges between 5 and 40°C.
  • Not sure about the compatibility of the product with your particular surface? Then do a small test on an unexposed area, to check the impact of the cleaner on the surface. Note that this formulation should not be used on materials like limestone or marble, which are sensitive to acids. 

Once the surface is ready, proceed with the application of the detergent. You can use the Tile Cleaner:

  • Diluted – This is for deep cleaning tasks, and in this case, the formulation is mixed with clean water using a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio depending on how stubborn the dirt and residues are.
  • Undiluted – Here, this powerful action is ideal for getting rid of surface patina, as well as the very tough residues. 

After preparing the solution, work it onto the surface. Rub the detergent onto the installation using your preferred tool, e.g. a cloth, mop or a single disc machine. Give it 10-20 minutes to act on the surface. Here, the chemical action of the Faber Tile Cleaner does the bulk of the work for you, penetrating into the pores to extract the grime and dissolve the substances that are on the floor. You can still aid this process by continuing to rub over the surface with the cleaning tool you’re using, as the mechanical scrubbing and chemical action work together to increase the efficiency of the task. Each litre of the Faber Tile Cleaner can cover 10 to 15m² of surface, and the particular rate you get will depend on the particular dilution ratios you use. 

All that’s left is cleaning away the residue and rinsing the surface, and using plenty of water for this. You can then allow normal traffic onto the area. Given that this is an acidic product, you should wear protective equipment while using it, especially hand gloves. 

Faber Tile Cleaner 1L Review


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