Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing

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Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing

Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing

Floor Cleaning Dublin has just completed a very challenging porcelain floor cleaning project. The customer was complaining about porosity and high absorbency. Even if the floor was not old, it looked very dirty and patchy. The top of the floor had a unique design like anti-slip floor. While this design was very good and very safe, it was accummulating a lot of dirt in the grit of the floor. The customer had accidentally spilled thick bleach on the floor and the floor had transformed into a white-grey-cream and all colors pattern. Something had to be done to resolve the issue. It was an expensive floor and its damaged appearance was affecting the appearance of the whole property. Through a recommendation, the customer found Floor Cleaning Dublin and the initial contact was made.

Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing | Assessment

Within 48 hours we had one of our floor cleaning specialists assessing the floor. The main issue discovered was the cleaning product used. The company that installed the tiles had recommended a thick gel as the main cleaner. This particular gel cleaner was not suitable for porcelain floors at all. It was a great natural stone floor cleaner that was only compatible with absorbent types of floors. Every time the customer was mopping the floor, some residue was deposited on the tile and grout. Over time, this residue deposit had become very sticky and had accummulated a lot of dirt in it. The tile was still in perfect shape but it was covered in a mixture of sticky residue, hair, food residue & other types of impurities. Our specialist has done a number of samples on the floor until the best and the most efficient floor cleaning product was recommended. The customer was very happy with the estimate and a date was booked.

Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing | Deep Cleaning

The room was emptied in full and the whole area was prepared for deep cleaning. We have mixed up Faber Deterfug with some Faber 30. The whole surface was mopped for about 10 min and then the floor was left in a semi wet condition to soak in and soften up the dirt. It was clear that the floor cleaning detergent was working well from the minute the mop head had touched the floor. The floor has transformed in a dark brown color because the dirt was dissolving and was mixing up with the floor cleaning detergent. After about 10 minutes, all the edges were deep cleaned with a black edging pad and a semi hard grout brush. The dirt stood no chance. For the next step we have used an oscillating buffing machine with  a semi hard brush. The buffer was making a track within the floor dirt. After 2-3 go`s over the dirt, the surface was ready for extraction. Floor Cleaning Dublin used heavy duty Taski Wet Vacuum to extract the liquids and dirt waste from the floors. The floor looked as new and all the black residue was gone. Spectacular results as always.

Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing | Sealing

Deep cleaning the floor is only half the job done. Within only a couple of days the dirt will penetrate again and the same issue will appear. To prevent this from happening we recommended that the customer seal their floors. We did this in this instance and the floor turned up as new. A water based floor sealer is a thin coat of acrylic that will overcoat your floor. The level of sheen can vary from floor to floor but Floor Cleaning Dublin usually recommends a semi gloss water based floor polish. A semi gloss water based floor polish like Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic or Faber Hidrofab will seal the floor and it will prevent the dirt from building up on the floor and on the grout line.

After we have deep cleaned the floor we will be using a number of air blowers to make sure that the surface is 100% dry before polishing it. We did the same thing in this job and within 30 min the floor was ready for polishing. The first coat of Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic was applied with a flat mopping system. By using a flat mopping system we avoid over polishing the floor and we also avoid wasting floor polish. While the floor is wet, it might look very glossy and wet but after it dries, it looks just perfect. About 30 min later, after the sealer had dried, we buffed the floor with a white floor pad. By doing so we have heated the sealer to make it even smoother and to ensure full attachment to the tile surface. The last coat of floor polish was also applied with a flat mopping system. About 2 hours later the floor was ready for traffic. The customer was delighted and the job was completed.

Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing | Maintenance

While most people know how to wash their floors and what to use to be able to maintain a streak free finish, others don’t. So we have a very strict routine of recommending to our customers how to maintain the floor in perfect condition for as long as possible. There are a number of premium quality floor cleaning products that will remove dirt with ease and will maintain the floor as clean as possible. In this case we have recommended Cleanfast Scrub Clean Low Foam. Because the floor was a high traffic floor fitted in a kitchen, we had to recommend a heavy duty floor cleaning product that was deep cleaning and degreasing in one go. Besides the fact that the amazing Cleanfast Scrub Clean Low Foam will remove stains and will prevent dirt from depositing on the grout, it is also highly affordable and very concentrated.

If you are looking for a professional porcelain floor cleaning company to assess your floors & to recommend to you the most cost effective ways of restoring it, call Floor Cleaning Dublin today. Our company provides free no obligation estimates for commercial floor cleaning and residential floor cleaning projects. We are happy to deal with complicated issues and we have a solution for any type of floor. Book our professional Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing services online or over the phone.

Porcelain Floor Cleaning & Degreasing

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