Faber Deep Degreaser Review

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Faber Deep Degreaser Review

Faber Deep Degreaser Review

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Looking for a heavy-duty cleaner that will get rid of that stubborn grime on your floors? A product that can deal with anything from the generic dirt and greasy residue that accumulates on the surfaces, to rubber and tire marks that ruin the appeal of the affected surfaces? The Faber Deep Degreaser has been developed for dealing with difficult dirt problems, in order to restore the charm to surfaces – while still preserving the structural integrity of the materials being worked on. This review takes a dive into what makes the degreasing detergent tick, and what you can do to enhance the quality of the cleaning to get optimal results with the formulation. 

Benefits Of The Faber Deep Degreaser

  • Deep cleaning

The alkaline Faber Deep Degreaser delivers powerful cleaning action against stubborn dirt and grime, substances like rubber and tire residue, all through to removing old treatments and waxes, such as during renovation projects where the goal is to eliminate the old layers that are on the installation and have fresh new ones applied. 

You get to freshen up the greasy and dirty surfaces that had been frustrating to work on with conventional household detergents. This approach actually conserves the resources expended in the process, with the degreaser also having a 10-15m² per liter coverage rate. It gets rid of the grime that has built up over time, resulting in a clear and elegant surface. The formulation chemically acts on the residue, dissolving it and making it easier to clear off the area – reducing the actual scrubbing effort on your part. 

The Faber Deep Degreaser is effective against the dirt that has been trapped by the micropores of the floors, making it an asset against the persistent grime that results from foot or vehicular traffic – including bikes, cars, and even forklifts. This makes the application a popular solution in areas like parking lots, shopping malls and driveways. 

This water-based degreaser can be used on a vast range of surfaces – including sensitive materials like polished marble installations. While its action is harsh on the dirt build-ups, it is gentle on the actual surface. Whether you’re using it on natural stone slabs, ceramic tiles, or the likes of cement and concrete installations, the Faber Deep Degreaser will deliver on its mandate without putting the structure at risk. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. While it is safe for most kinds of surfaces, it is still recommended that you cover adjacent areas that are not to be treated with the product to protect them.

Since the Deep Degreaser is from Faber, you get to benefit from the added assurance that you’re getting a quality product for your purchase. After all, the brand comes with over 30 years of history in the surface care industry, providing solutions used across the entire building maintenance process – from the manufacture of tiles and stone slabs, their installation, cleaning, finishing, and making repairs. The track record of the Italy-based company, which now has its customers spread out in major markets across Europe, the UAE, to Asian markets, is a testament to the huge demand for their products. 

How To Use The Faber Deep Degreaser

Equipment: You can work with a myriad of conventional cleaning tools to apply the degreaser. These include cloths -such as when you’re dealing with countertops and walls, mops for those cases where you’re working on the floor, to single disc machines in situations where the area that needs to be attended to is expansive. It all boils down to the kind of tools that you will find to be the most effective for your situation.

Before using the Faber Deep Degreaser, some aspects need to be noted:

  • Dust, loose debris, as well as coarse dirt that is on the surface should first be cleared. These materials would only serve as a hindrance, and increase your workload when it gets wet. Clear it off using a broom or vacuum. 
  • Ensure that the surface being worked on has dried before applying the Faber Deep Degreaser on it. 
  • A spot test on a hidden section of the surface is advised, especially if you’re uncertain about the compatibility of the Faber Deep Degreaser with a particular type of material. 
  • Are you dealing with a recently tiled or grouted installation? In this case, first allow the adhesives or grout used to fully cure before washing the surface with the formulation. 

Once ready for the application follow these steps:

  1. Dilute the degreaser in clean water. For this, use a 1:3 ratio (1 part degreaser, 3 parts water), or a 1:2 ratio for the more stubborn residues. 
  2. Work the product over the surface using the preferred tool.
  3. Give the degreaser 10 to 20 minutes of dwelling time, during which period it chemically breaks down the residue that is on the target area. 
  4. Clear away the residue and rinse the surface with plenty of water. 

In case some residue remains, you can repeat the process, using the degreaser when it is less diluted. 

  1. Allow the surface to dry. 

Normal traffic can be allowed onto the area after the washing has been completed. The tools used can be cleaned with water. 

Extra Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Faber Deep Degreaser

  • Work on the surfaces when temperatures are between 5 and 40°C, which is the range for optimal functionality of the formulation. The degreaser should never be applied on overly headed surfaces. 
  • The more concentrated the solution, the stronger the cleaning power involved. When you’re dealing with extremely stubborn dirt, as well as issues like surface patina, then you can go ahead and use the Faber Deep Degreaser undiluted.
  • During the 10-20 minutes dwell time, you can continue working over the surface with the cleaning tool. The combination of chemical action of the degreaser, and the mechanical action for wiping/scrubbing the surface, will enhance the rate at which the dirt is broken down. 

Faber Deep Degreaser Review


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