Faber Deep Protector Review

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Faber Deep Protector Review

Faber Deep Protector Review

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With the ever-present threat of water damage in absorbent materials, it is prudent to take measures to protect them. You don’t want your tiled installations getting ruined, calling for expensive repairs or replacements. While applying formulations to protect the surface, the issues of aesthetics also come into focus. Definitely, you took your time – and spent lots of resources, to acquire an installation that accentuates the décor of the space. Applying protective treatments to the surface doesn’t mean that the aesthetics have to suffer as a result. Can you treat the tiled surfaces and maintain their charm? Yes, with the Deep Protector. This is a leading formulation from Faber, geared towards improving the water resistance of these surfaces. The brand itself is reliable, having been providing surface care solutions for natural stone and manmade materials since the 1980s. It has grown to become an industrial heavyweight, with a market spanning across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, with the wide reach being testament to the value of its products, and the trust that consumers have in the brand. What can you look forward to in the Deep Protector? Let’s get right to it. 

Benefits Of The Faber Deep Protector

  • Superior water-repellent action 

Here you have a solvent-based impregnating treatment that prevents water from being absorbed into the structure, or rising through the material from the environment. Water damage can be caused by accidental liquid spills on the surface, cases of flooding, all through to rising damp where moisture is absorbed straight from the environment into the floors and walls. These cause issues like efflorescence, where the moisture moving through the structure carries dissolved salts to the surface, and when it evaporates it leaves the crystals behind, forming that white chalky residue. Bio-matter is also a concern, such as when mould and algae grow in the structure due to the increased moisture content. The fungi release spores and mycotoxins into the indoor space, increasing the health risks that persons in the building are exposed to. Such growths also end up causing more staining on the affected surfaces. Speaking of which, water stains are also a problem that porous installations are susceptible to. Treating these absorbent surfaces with the Faber Deep Protector enables you to prevent them from getting these kinds of issues, from the growths to the efflorescence and superficial detachment, protecting the structure and prolonging its life. 

  • Multipurpose treatment

The water-repellent nature of this formulation opens it up to different kinds of applications, including:

  • Working as a base for stain-proofing products. 

First applying a coat of this product to the surface, then adding the stain-proofing agent, will increase the effectiveness of the protection provided. It’s all-round care, where the Faber Deep Protector serves to block liquids from being absorbed into the structure, and the additional product prevents staining agents from setting into the material. 

  • Treating cracks and fissures in tiles. 

These sections are susceptible to water infiltration. Applying the product blocks water from getting into the structure through such ‘openings’, thus avoiding widespread water damage. This also applies to tile joints. 

  • Providing protection during grouting operations for materials like cotto.

These are operations that are known for the huge amounts of water involved, where there needs to be a counteracting force to protect the structure being worked on. The Faber Deep Protector meets this mandate, allowing the grouting and washing operations to proceed smoothly by greatly limiting the amount of water that gets absorbed, and it also prevents grout stains from occurring. 

The formulation works for different kinds of absorbent materials, including natural stone, brick, cement and even ceramic and porcelain tiles. The 10-15m² per litre rate of coverage of the product will depend on how absorbent the particular type of material being worked on is. 

  • Highly-penetrating agent 

The Faber Deep Protector is an impregnating agent, getting deep into the surface it has been applied on. It bonds with the material from within to deliver its anti-absorption properties, and does not form a film on the area. This enables the treatment to preserve the breathability of the surface. With its ‘invisible’ nature, the Deep Protector does not affect the aesthetic attributes of the treated surface. It retains the colour and tone of the material, thus preserving the décor of the space. Moreover, though it is a solvent-based formulation, you won’t need to be dreadful about a yellow shade forming over time. 

  • Fast application

The impregnating treatment comes ready to use, and the application process is quick. Start by cleaning the surface, getting rid of the dirt and grime since you don’t want it getting trapped under the wet layer of the treatment. Allow the surface to dry, as the Faber Deep Protector should never be applied onto a wet surface. 

Once the surface is clean and ready, spread a thick coat of the product onto the entire surface. Different tools can be used depending on what you find to be more convenient for your situation, from brushes to lambswool applicators and rollers. Quickly check for areas that have excess product and redistribute the product as necessary. Remember that this is a highly penetrating product, being applied onto an absorbent surface – so a quick response to any anomaly during application is critical. A welcome bonus for this is that the treatment will dry in just 1 hour after application. There are situations where a second layer of the Faber Deep Protector may need to be applied. Here, wait for 1 hour for the drying to complete, then proceed to apply the second layer. Note:

  • Foot traffic should only be allowed back onto treated surfaces after 4-6 hours following the application of the product. 
  • A pretest is recommended to confirm the compatibility of your particular surface with this formulation. This is especially for those cases where the type of material has not been expressly stated in the product label. 
  • If the formation is being used as a water-repellent primer, ensure that you have allowed it to fully dry and cure before applying a superficial stain-proofing product on top of it. 

Faber Deep Protector Review


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